Episode Analysis Post: Free! Eternal Summer Episode 12 - “What will you do?”


This was a really nice episode that rewards rewatching and paying attention to the detail. There are a lot of immediate reactions that Haru’s change of heart feels sudden and out of character, for a guy who’s spent all his life saying he has no interest in competition. But I think that ignores the fact that, for someone who says that, Haru’s sure spent a lot of time in swimming competitions, and winning them. He swims relays for his friends, but why does he swim to win solo competitions?

This episode gives us some much-needed insight into that part of Haru’s mind, and it had to be Rin who brought that out, because that is not how Makoto relates to Haru. Makoto himself knows that. That’s why he turned Haru over to Rin.


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What happened to the actually really cool free fandom we had in season 1.

Where did all you bitchy weaklings come from?
"Waaaaah muh ships"
"Nyeeeeeh this didn’t happen how I thought it would"
"Bluuuuuuuuh im stop watching bc of this"

I can’t wait for the show to be over the ship tags aren’t so clogged up with everyone’s fucking crying and I can actually look at the damn ship. :T

Just read a thing that said that new Maleficent movie was a “New and female-empowering take of the Disney classic fairy tale”
Which was odd to me. I mean… the main characters of the classic Disney movie are Flora, Fauna, Merryweather, and Maleficent yeah? The protagonists are basically 3 not conventionally beautiful/sexy old women with god powers. Phillip and Aurora are lovely characters but their romance is a subplot, as romance should be.

When you think about it Phillip didn’t really do shit but ride a horse and be a pretty neat guy. He didn’t kill Maleficent, the fairies used their god powers on the sword they made just a little while ago with said god powers. He and Aurora did that “love at first sight” bit but were clearly planning to meet up again and get to know one another more before circumstance got in their way.

I haven’t seen Maleficent yet, mind you, but it’s not like the old movie was oozing in “womenz be weak yo”. Phillip’s father was the only male character who was really that much of a dick with power and he came around to the idea of Phillip marrying who he wanted before he even found out that the girl he wanted just so happened to be the princess.

I haven’t seen Maleficent yet and I don’t know if I will anytime soon (because I’m poor as shit so I often wait for a DVD release of movies I’m not chomping at the bit to see.) but let’s not discredit the original movie. The original fairy tale? That’s another story entirely…. >.>;

Photos of me??

I was the girl with the frilly white cravat, black jacket, white skirt (knee length in front, ankle length in back), and big white lace parasol and my friends are asking for pictures of me but unfortunately my phone was dead the whole con. :c

So if anyone has any I’d like to see them so I can show my buddies what I looked like >u<;